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Racing Parts

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Brad Loomis started racing at a young age and was always interested in how composites could play a huge role in the racing industry. We're currenty bulding OEM racing parts. If you're looking for a manufacture that understands racing, give us a call.





We build many different composite

parts.  From design to manufactuing we can help you create a new part or enhance an existing one. 

When you have a serious project that needs to be done, look no further than Patriot, America's team in industrial craftsmanship. 

Founded in 2011  by Brad Loomis. In the last three years Brad has brought on Jake Carse along with Travis Huisman & John Tarter. Our dedication to doing the best work in the world won't change. We keep an old fashioned attitude about work, that means relying on brilliant engineers and hardworking craftsmen working in tandem.

New Products

We are currently building OEM products for the outdoor industry. From trekking poles, tent poles and backpack frames. We have a passion to create new products for the outdoor industry.